The importance of dairy consumption in childhood

The new school year began and we, as parents, need to organize the daily life of our children.

An everyday life full, from morning to late at night with school, tutoring, activities, reading and more, which we or our child may have chosen.

The school period is the best time to lay the foundations for a healthy eating behavior, because the child's daily routine has a program that is generally specific, without many changes.

Breakfast and lunch are the most important meals of our children and are the basis for a dynamic start to the day.

Research has shown that children who eat breakfast are better off at school than other children who look lazy and tired.

In the design of our breakfast and tithe, we must not forget about dairy products.

In children and adolescents, consuming the recommended portions of dairy products helps meet the body's needs for protein and essential amino acids, calcium, phosphorus and potassium, which are essential for the development and maintenance of dental and bone health. and their muscular and nervous systems, thus enhancing their motor functions and mental skills. In addition, the consumption of dairy products during childhood and adolescence covers a significant part of their body's needs for vitamins B2 and B12, which play a central role in the production of energy from food metabolism and the normal functioning of blood cells, thus supporting their physical and mental development.

Cheese, in particular, is superior to the other two dairy products, milk and yogurt, in the selection of children's snacks at school.

The reasons are simple: it is very easy to carry in the school bag, has a longer shelf life outside the refrigerator, and contains concentrated nutrients (30 grams of cheese, contain almost the same nutrients as a glass of milk).

Some nutritional options for both breakfast and breakfast at school are listed below:

Toast with Graviera and vegetables

Homemade cheese pie, spinach pie, pumpkin pie
Salty muffins with cheese and vegetables
Arabic pie with Graviera and vegetables
Whole or multi-grain crackers with Graviera pieces
So let's all take care to offer our children simple and nutritious snacks, to effectively cope with the demands of the new school year!

Signed by Dietitian - Nutritionist Daskalakis Angelou, member of the Association of Dietitians - Nutritionists of Greece (EDDE)

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