The benefits of a healthy diet at a human body

The modern lifestyle is characterized by intense rhythms of everyday life, stress and many obligations and so our organization needs to be able to cope with all these difficulties.

In order to be able to respond to this lifestyle, we must follow a healthy diet, as nutrition is the shield of our organism. But what does a healthy diet mean?

Healthy eating means: Frequent and healthy meals, creating low-fat meals that make them easy to digest and light for the body, and at the same time allow us to continue our daily lives, without problems of indigestion, drumming, regression and drowsiness.

In addition, it is important to include food from all food groups in our diet. Dairy products, fruits, vegetables, eggs, fish, meat and starchy foods contribute catalytically to the proper functioning of the body and give it the energy and well-being that it needs every day!

Graviera light Kalogeraki, manages to combine with utmost success the tradition of Crete with low fat. By consuming Graviera light Kalogeraki, we can create light and delicious meals for the whole family without burdening our body with more fat and salt.

With the signing of the Dietologist - Dietologist Daskalakis Angelos, member of the Association of Dieticians and Nutritionists of Greece (ETHN)

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