Spicy fondue with Premium Graviera with 5 Peppers and wine

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240 gr. (1 package) Premium Graviera Kalogeraki with 5 peppers

250 ml semi-sweet white wine

10 gr. corn flour

1 clove of garlic, cut in half

1 tbsp. butter

½ teaspoon pepper grains mix

½ teaspoon dried herbs


Place a saucepan on low heat and heat the butter and garlic, as soon as it starts to turn brown, remove it from the saucepan. Add the pepper grain mix, the ¾ of the amount of wine while in the rest dissolve the corn flour and keep it aside. Once the wine has boiled, add Premium Graviera Kalogeraki with 5 peppers grated and the rest of the wine. Stir until you have a smooth cream, remove and place in a baking pan or dish with a tealight to keep it warm. Serve the fondue with the accompaniments of your choice.


If you have the special utensil for fondue, follow the usual procedure

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