The traditional cheese, Cretan Kefalotiri, is a very popular product which has been made in Crete for many centuries.

Kefalotiri Kalogeraki is made from sheep and goat milk and it is marketed after a maturation period of three months. It is considered to be a high-quality cheese which creates a sense of wellness and fullness.

Texture and Color: It is characterized as a very light yellow-colored table cheese with asymmetric holes

Taste: particularly pleasant, sweetish and slightly brackish with a rich fresh milk aroma.

“Key to success”: The constantly excellent quality and taste of our milk which comes from livestock grazing in mountain and foothill areas of Crete, an island blessed with rich flora.

The production process of all our products is certified according to ISO 22000:2005 quality assurance system and that of IFS standard (International Food Safety).


You could combine Kefalotiri with honey and sesame. It is a perfect and sweet gastronomic pairing. However, it gives an excellent taste in our green salads and spaghetti.



Pasteurized sheep and goat milk of 80% minimum in sheep and 20% maximum in goat milk, lactic acid, rennet, salt (<2%).

Maintenance conditions:

Storage temperature in refrigerated compartment: 2 to 6 ° C

Chemical properties:

Fat in dry matter min: 40%
Moisture max: 38%

Nutrition declaration per 100 g:

Energy / Calories:

1669 kJ / 402 kcal


of which: 

31,7 g

21 g


of which: 

2,9 g

0,4 g


26,3 g


1,8 g


Kefalotiri Kalogeraki is available in a small whole of 2-3kg.

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