Graviera Light - Ally in weight loss

A balanced diet in terms of food quality and quantity is a key factor in maintaining a healthy weight or even losing weight if this is necessary.

So it is very important to choose the right types of food. Food low in fat and salt is the ideal choice to ensure a balanced diet in our daily programme so we'll always protect our health.

Dairy products belong to a food group that should be included in our daily diet. They are rich in calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D and proteins of high biological value.

The same goes for cheese. In particular, Graviera contains high biological value proteins, which means that it can make us feel full more easily than other foods and thus it helps us avoid unnecessary snacks that are often responsible for the failure of our diet. However, it is one of the types of cheese that has several calories and fat per serving (30g) as well as a high salt content.

But that doesn't mean that when dieting you need to get rid of Graviera and / or other fatty types oif cheese. They can also remain in our die in smaller quantities though. Otherswise, we can choose the Graviera Light Kalogeraki which we can find in all supermarkets. After all, Graviera as a hard cheese, is a champion in calcium content, so we certainly don't want to exclude it from our diet.

Graviera Light Kalogeraki is the first Graviera with 30% less fat than the usual fat content Cretan Graviera has (48% -56% dry fat content).

In addition to nutrients, the quality of its production is equally important. The excellent quality and taste of Graviera Light Kalogeraki has to do with the milk it is produced by. In fact, the milk comes from animals that graze freely in mountainous and semi-mountainous areas of Crete and are fed from the nutrient-rich flora of the island.

Also, it has to be noted, that Graviera is a product of Greek origin and production. 

In summary, the good news for graviera lovers is that the Light version can be included and consumed with all your meals from breakfast to dinner and become an ally in our effort to lose extra pounds.


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