Diabetes. How it is affected by our eating habits

On the occasion of World Diabetes Day we would like to give some information that concerns us all whether we suffer from diabetes or not.

Diabetes mellitus is a disease that is on the rise as every year people are getting sick. A major factor in the onset of diabetes in the human body is poor nutrition. Nutrition plays a key role in preventing and treating diabetes, because diabetes is directly related to the dietary habits of each of us. Not few are those who have managed to treat diabetes without medication, paying particular attention to their daily diets.

Diabetes can be successfully managed if we adopt a balanced diet. That is, taking care of our meals are often and small so that blood sugar levels are kept at normal levels. Also, do not consume food at random. Instead, we must pay attention to both the quality and the quantity of food we consume daily.

Here, let's note that cheese is a very good choice for our daily diet. Cheese can be included in all meals of the day and not just in the main, as it is a good source of animal protein and makes our meals nutritious and balanced. It can also be easily combined with starchy foods, with vegetables or fruits, so create healthy and complete meals!

With the signing of the Dietologist - Dietologist Daskalakis Angelos, member of the Association of Dieticians and Nutritionists of Greece (ETHN)

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