Detox after Easter

Easter passed and the calorie report just started! On the days of the feasts, the tables of all sorts were their honor!

Easter Sunday: The bay that the Geeks celabrate the Easter, eating lot of meat! Easter Monday, a holiday and a chance to meet with relatives and friends around a table, so we eat what was left over from the previous one. And we're not stopping here. For many, this continuous consumption of meat will continue for a few more days ...

If we take into account the fact that these meals usually end with a variety of sweets and us with a teaspoon in the mouth to enjoy them, then we understand the need of our body for detoxification.

But detoxification from what? From meat and fat meals of course! Three or four days away from the meat, it will relieve our body and give it the time it takes to come back. Pulses and vegetables must be key elements of the main meals these days are being danced for a few more days ... as with their nutrients and fiber, they will generously offer us the "cleansing" of our organism. Increased water consumption (more than 2 liters) and 2-3 servings of fruit a day give us hydration and loss of retention.

However, since we are abstaining from eating meat and eggs, during detoxification it is essential that our main meals are accompanied by cheese. Cheese - as we know - is a valuable source of protein, which is essential for our body. So a piece of cheese at breakfast, lunch and dinner will give a nutritional balance in our day!

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