Are you looking for a light dinner low in fat and high in protein?

Are you looking for a light dinner low in fat, high in protein, rich in nutrients and with many benefits for the body?

Choose Cretan dakos with sweet mizithra, honey and cinnamon or Cretan dakos with mizithra with a semi sour flavor, tomato and basil!

Cretan dakos is an excellent choice for dinner, as it keeps you full since it's a bread full of fibers. Combined with the mizithra, the Greek white cheese with the minimum fat percentage and the highest percentage of protein, is an excellent idea for our dinner!

Below  you may check two versions of Cretan dakos with myzithra for all tastes!

Sweet version: Cretan dakos with sweet mizithra, honey and cinnamon!

If you feel like having something sweet, choose Cretan dakos with sweet mizithra, honey and cinnamon.

Honey is such a beneficial food for our body while cinnamon helps our blood to maintain low sugar levels.

Salty version: Cretan dakos with mizithra with a semi-sour flavor, tomato and basil!

If you feel like eating something salty, choose Cretan dakos with mizithra with semi-sour flavor, tomato and basil.

The tomato is full of lycopene and basil helps digestion and soothes the intestines.

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