A new proposal with nutritional value by Logodiatrofis! Try an extra delicious & low-calorie dish!

Cool, summery and healthy ... This dish will definitely excite you!

Combine mixed green vegetables (lettuce, rocket, lola, spinach, etc.) with sweet mizithra, strawberries, pumpkin seeds, slices of turkey and add a sauce of lemon juice, honey, olive oil, pepper and ginger powder!

The combination of sweet mizithra with strawberries and this divine sauce tastes perfect but it is also rich in nutritional value!

A dish full of calcium, vitamins and antioxidants with the fewest calories, since mizithra is a low-fat but a high-protein cheese!

If you want something more salty, prefer the mizithra with the semi- sour taste.

Source:  https://www.logodiatrofis.gr/syntages/salata-me-myzithra-kalogeraki

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